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JusticePoint offers incarceration alternatives in Milwaukee. Two judges tried to cancel its contract.

This story is part of a collaboration between Wisconsin Watch, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service and The Appeal.  Four decades ago, a newspaper investigation described Milwaukee’s municipal legal system as “cash register justice.” Thousands of impoverished residents with mental health or substance use issues languished in county jails due to unpaid civil violation fines, costing taxpayers […]

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Following the death of an 8-year-old on a Wisconsin dairy farm, officials look to bridge law enforcement language gap

After ProPublica found that a police investigation into a child’s death was mishandled due to language barriers, officials hope to improve how police interact with non-English speakers. Meanwhile, the boy’s family has settled a suit against the farm.

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Scent like marijuana enough to warrant police search, Wisconsin Supreme Court rules

A car smelling like marijuana is enough for police in Wisconsin to justify searching a person in the vehicle, even though substances legal in the state can smell the same, the state Supreme Court said on Tuesday. The court’s conservative majority ruled 4-3 that Marshfield police had grounds to search the driver of a vehicle […]