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Story tips: tips@wisconsinwatch.org The best ones contain specific details — records, names, dates, data — that would help us confirm the facts, identify any broken or failing systems, and explore solutions to any problems that are identified.

Opinion pieces such as a “Letter to the Editor” or a guest column: opinion@wisconsinwatch.org We publish a selection of letters to the editor, guest columns and other opinion pieces on our site, in our Opinion section. Include a clear subject line such as “Letter to the Editor” or “Opinion piece.” We will respond and discuss with you whether the material is appropriate for publication on our site, including edits that may need to be made prior to publication. Materials may be edited for length, spelling, style or clarity.

When submitting material, please include your name, title, address and daytime phone number. We request that your opinion piece be brief, timely, respectful, focused, original and relevant to issues that we cover. Please let us know about anything that might be seen as a conflict of interest. Publication of letters to the editor, guest columns and other opinion material does not imply endorsement by the Wisconsin Watch. Authors are solely responsible for the facts and views expressed in opinion material published by Wisconsin Watch.

If you contact us via email, you will receive a response confirming that we have received your message. We review voicemails and mail as they come in, but we cannot promise that each will receive an individual response. If we can’t meet your needs, we will attempt to point you in the direction of appropriate resources.

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We will keep all tips we receive confidential, and will ask your permission to pass the tip along to another news organization if we think it would be better directed or covered elsewhere.

If you’d like to secure the contents of your email message, you can use the Chrome extension Mailvelope. Mailvelope only encrypts the content of your email; it does not encrypt metadata, such as sender, recipient, time or subject. The contents of the message will be encrypted, but whom you communicate with will typically be stored. This metadata will be available to your email provider.

The best way to submit a truly confidential tip is through the mail, using an unmarked envelope and mailing from a public mailbox.

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