These publication guidelines apply to approved media partners only. If you are not an approved media partner with access to our Partner Downloads page, you must follow the regular republishing policies here.

Becoming a Wisconsin Watch media partner

Wisconsin Watch generally extends media partnerships to news organizations that are members of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, the Associated Press or the Institute for Nonprofit News. With other media partners, it’s essential that they maintain editorial independence and a high level of financial transparency, to protect the integrity of the journalism — similar to the INN membership standards.

Other organizations are welcome to publish Wisconsin Watch’s reports under republishing guidelines that require, among other things, that the report not be edited or altered in any substantive manner. Multimedia elements may be used only with the stories with which they originally appeared.

Publishing guidelines for approved media partners

  • Content created by Wisconsin Watch is provided free to news media in Wisconsin and to others granted access. The byline, tagline and photo and graphics credits must accompany all uses of the story. You must credit Wisconsin Watch as the source of the story.
  • When publishing online, please include the words “Originally published by Wisconsin Watch and include a link back to our version of the story. When publishing in print, please include the words “Originally published by Wisconsin Watch.”
  • You have the our permission to edit the materials to meet the needs of your audience. Broadcasters may adapt our stories for use on air. If you make changes that are significant — such as adding a comment from a local official — you need to include a note like this: “Additional reporting by (Your Name, Organization.)”
  • By downloading photos, graphics, illustrations, maps, charts, videos, audio or other multimedia content from Wisconsin Watch, you agree to the following terms:
  • Any multimedia content created by and credited to Wisconsin Watch may be archived and reused with any future story, as long as the content is used in a factually accurate and editorially appropriate way. Please run an appropriate caption with the photo that describes its relationship to your story. Wisconsin Watch must be credited, and if possible, please provide a link back to our website:
  • Any written or multimedia content created by and credited to any person or organization other than Wisconsin Watch may only be used with the original story or package it was provided with, and may not be reused or archived without permission from the original creator or copyright holder, unless otherwise specified by Wisconsin Watch. If reuse is desired, Wisconsin Watch will, to the best of its ability, put you in contact with the original creator or copyright holder.

For any questions regarding reuse or publication of content please contact Coburn Dukehart at